Destination Westphalia – next stage on my way to #Finiseuropae

Only step by step I can reach #Finiseuropae “the end of Europe”. Of course I just want to see the geographical end of Europe. To reach the Atlantic cost on food sounds good. Like for many others the way is the aim. I want to discover the varied continent. I just have wanderlust and want to see Europe in a kind of excavation research. “In short”: I am walking from Berlin to Santiago de Compostella. But as said only in stages, only when time and my mood alows me. My next destination: Abbey of Corvey in my home region Hochstift Paderborn and by the way… I will see 3 UNESCO World heritage properties: St Mary’s Cathedral and St Michael’s Church at Hildesheim, Fagus Factory in Alfeld and Carolingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey. You can follow me on Komoot, Instragram and Twitter.

My route planner tells me it will be over 3,000 km. I will pass Paderborn, Cologne, Trier, Schengen, Metz,  Dijon, Cluny, Taizé, Le Puy-en-Velay taking the Via Podiensis to Spain and then the Camino Francés. I am really not sure when I will reach Santiago, but I have all the time of the world.

And I am faster than I thought. Since 2016 already 20 stages are behind me, which means 430 km. I already crossed Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and I’m now taking the southern part of Lower Saxony. These first stages I could manage to go back and foreward by train. But already in Saxony-Anhalt and near Brunswick there are fine good possibilities to stay over night in pilgrims refugees. But especially between Berlin and the former iron curtain this is not an easy task. Alan Posener is right: the eastern German states compose a region with the most unbelieving people in the world, perhaps after North Korea. But beautiful landscapes, hidden treasures and remarkable historical sights and many many helpful individuals made my first 300 km unforgetable. I made my Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt trip public in German language.

Next week I will walk the last stage in Lower Saxony destination North-Rhine Westphalia, my home state. My route with some high lights:

The following region is the first Catholic one on my way west. I will discover Hildesheim with its St Mary’s Cathedral and St Michael’s Church. In the evening I will reach Abbey Marienrode. 10 Benedictine nuns will host me.


In Alfeld I will be guest of the Lutheran parish St. Nicolai. Another Highlight will be an industrial sight: the Fagus Factory a UNESCO World Heritage


Amelungsborn Abbey is a quite remarkable abbey. It’s abbot is Lutharian. I am very curious about my staying there. The hospitality also there will be great.


Then I will be on my way to Höxter in Westphalia. Believe it or not my first time in Corvey Abbey. And this Abbey was the dominion to which a big part of my ancestors tithed until the beginning of the 19th century.

Tour done: My summary in German

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