#berndscamino in Burgundy

Varied, delicious and unhealthy you hike in Burgundy. If you want, you can also immerse yourself in the spiritual world of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and modern times. In Burgundy, I have made more than half of my St. James Way since Berlin. Somewhere between Beaune and Taizé was half-time on my route to Santiago. Now, I have arrived in the former monastic center of Europe, in Cluny. So there are still 1,799 km ahead of me. My stage this time was a very mixed surprising 10 days, with varied nature, lots of weather changes and alternating spirituality. The people I met were very special this time. Since I took two mental and physical rest days in Citeaux and Taizé, there were completely new insights. More in German


Through Grand-Est to Burgundy #berndscamino

Hot, poor and surprisingly hospitable was my last route! 2022 was my first year of pilgrimage on my long journey from Berlin to Santiago de Compostela after the terrible pandemic that had kept us all in check. It was going to be an incredibly hot tour through an exciting as well as poor area in the east of France, through the former regions of Lorraine, Champagne to Burgundy, with beautiful historic places like Neufchâteau, Langres, Marcilly-en-Bassigny or such an enchanted place as Lamarche. The pilgrim infrastructure was as bad as the people were hospitable. And it was hot, very hot. 👣 More in German



Crossing Borders

So different and yet so similarly beautiful are the paths in Europe. Je suis arrivé en France! I was supposed to go from Trier to Toul in 2021. The last few metres of my journey towards Santiago took me through the German countryside. And only for Schengen was I in Luxembourg again. Then I dived into the Grand Est of France, with a surprisingly beautiful amount of history and stories. In a roundabout way, I saw villages that my grandfather entered as a prisoner after the Second World War and left as a friend. Of course, it was another pandemic tour. The most annoying borders on my way were drawn by a virus.

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