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I offer the following seminars at the Jean Monnet Chair for European Politics of the University of Passau and at the Berlin School of Economics and Law

Interest Representation in the EU – Europeanisation and Lobbying in the Multilevel System – Theory and Practice in Brussels and Berlin

The seminar deals with interest representation in the multilevel system of the European Union. The Europeanisation of EU actors since the implementation of the European Single Market almost 20 years ago will be of particular interest.

As a first step, the theoretical discourse of the term “Europeanisation” is ensued, especially since it replaces progressively the term “European Integration”. Concepts like interest groups, civil society and lobbyism will be additionally defined to grasp the dimensions affected by Europeanisation: civil society and economic actors. During the seminar it will be examined how the institutional and legal framework of the European Union and its member states evolves regarding participatory democracy and better regulation. The new article 11 TEU shall be interpreted in detail.

Subsequently a comparison of practical lobbying in Brussels and Berlin will be addressed. As a last step answers of German EU politics and its legislation to Europeanisation will be analysed. Practical examples of European interest representation and communication are to be discussed in a German context.

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Since 2015 I am also teaching irregularly at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Topic: “Lobbyism in the European Union”

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