Wanderlust in the Westphalian mountains – my St. James Way from Paderborn to Elspe

Wanderlust in Westphalia on my long way to #finiseuropea in Spain! Since this autumn I completed 720 km of 3,000 km from Berlin to Santiago de Compostela. My last stage led me from Corvey Abbey/Höxter to my home city Paderborn. This time I hiked 5 days from Paderborn into the hilly Sauerland region. A new trail follows an old Middle Age path, called Heerweg/Römerweg. In Elspe I made first steps on the Heidenstraße, which is leading to Cologne. I witnessed a beautiful sunny landscape and met friendly people…  

My report in German and my “Hall of Fame” für my supporters.

from Paderborn to Grevenbrück in 5 days 

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