Euro Crisis Demands for a European Public Broadcasting Co-operation

More and more often there is a demand for a European public space. And this is clearly related to the current crisis. European politics is dominating national media as it has never happened before. National media and politicians not just get a crash course in European politics but need to deal also with EU member states they always neglected before. European journalism is needed which adds to national parish-pump politics. In an article of the German press agency dpa I recently demanded for a real European public broadcasting co-operation. There is no reason that something which functions exemplary and well in Germany should not work in Europe. The example should not be the centralist 2nd programme ZDF but the federal organised 1st programme ARD.

Full article in German: Euro-Krise bietet Chance für europäische Medienöffentlichkeit, von Miriam Schmidt, dpa

How I became a JEFfer

Growing-up in a nice province in West Germany in the 80ies I always got a feeling there must be something outside, which is international, open, transparent, not spoiled by cold war, 1968 ideology and party fights on nothing. The only international organisations I saw being present in my home city were the British Rhine Army, the Catholic Church and a Europe Day committee. So why not starting with a JEF section? But beyond the local level JEF gave me the impression of not being European paralysed by left/right-wing fights. Those days JEF-D was mainly consisting of male “youth” over 30…  As German JEFfers still were fighting the wall came down. Liberty! But no joy in JEF. In December 1989 delegates of the JEF-D Congress were shocked by a possible German reunification. I wanted to escape.

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Europeanisation and Lobbying in Passau

Back again! During the winter semester I spend some interesting days at Passau University. I am looking forward to leading the seminar on Europeanisation and Lobbying at the Jean Monnet Chair for European Politics. In two block seminars the students and I seek to shed light on the lobby world in the multi-level system of the European Union.

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Hidden by the crisis: Uncontrolled explosion of national EU actors

One aspect of the current EU financial crisis has been the proliferation of EU actors within the Brussels circle and the exclusion of national-level actors, something that can endanger the idea of European integration in the future, I warn in “Opinions” at

“Crisis, crisis, crisis. Many connect the current financial turmoil to an allegedly weak common currency, the euro. Others blame the institutional framework for an inadequate response to the crisis. A high number of commentators fear radical treaty changes as the outcome is unpredictable.

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